Our Top Tips For The Health Conscious Parent To Survive The Chocolate Egg Onslaught This Easter!

Our Top Tips For The Health Conscious Parent To Survive The Chocolate Egg Onslaught This Easter!
28 Sep

Easter time is here again! As health-conscious parents it can be a difficult time – bringing the best of us undone with chocolate in sight everywhere you look! The chocolate onslaught can feel even worse for us parents who want nothing more to spoil their kids with chocolate and Easter bunny tales, so we have put together our top tips for the health-conscious parent – you – to survive and thrive this Easter. We want to encourage you to enjoy your Easter and indulge a little while avoiding the guilt or bringing your healthy eating undone!

  1. Don’t eat chocolate before the Easter bunny comes

Eating chocolate leading up to Easter is a sure-fire way to come undone. So, by simply limiting when you can eat your chocolate is a good strategy. You don’t open Christmas presents every day throughout December, so don’t eat the eggs before Easter. There are several strategies to support you doing this, it could be buying your chocolate eggs Saturday – yep the shops may be a little more rushed but hey who cares you are a healthy eating Mumma or papa! And you will do what you have to ensure you stay healthy! You might buy them and put them up high and out of sight! Out of sight out of mind is a real thing- its science and it works.

  1. Plan Ahead!

Plan what you are going to buy before you get to the shops. And when you get to the shops stick to your plan! Don’t get sucked into the amazing marketing and shop merchandising – the stores are designed to get you to buy more, so outsmart them!

  1. Remember quality over quantity

If buying chocolate buy better quality stuff and when you eat it savour the moment, eat it slowly and enjoy. This will give you that little treat you look forward to while protecting you from over indulging.

  1. Downsize the Easter bunny’s deliveries

We get it – you love your kids! You want them to have amazing memories and enjoy the special day! Well you still can by buying so much less chocolate for them. This year we are buying our boys a couple of gifts, Pj’s, 1 bunny (small) and having an Easter egg hunt with 1 packet of small eggs. That’s it. Decide what is right for you, it might be making your own chocolate eggs, or try baking some alternative healthier chocolate treats. It could be anything you want. Get creative and make your day special – but know chocolate doesn’t have to be the special part of the day.

  1. Reframe your day

Easter eggs don’t need to stay as a high light of your family Easter. What new tradition could you start? Maybe try eating celery and carrots like a bunny would! Eat real eggs, go outdoors and get active, have a healthy picnic make art – paint eggs, draw eggs, have an egg and spoon race – the list is endless with ways to enjoy your Easter without overindulging in chocolate eggs. 

  1. Balance your kilojoule / calorie intake accordingly

Make room for some quality chocolate by reducing your meal sizes slightly or swapping a snack for a chocolate. Eat light healthy wholefoods to balance out any cheeky chocolate. Use a technique that will work for you, just make room for it.

  1. Get back to normal eating quickly

By Tuesday, even Monday return to normal eating! No more “its Easter” excuses – get straight back on track! Give away left over chocolate, put it away – hide it out of sight out of mind. Do what you have to.  And at worst if you over indulge, let it be -don’t beat yourself up – apply this same rule- get back on track quickly. Let it go and move forward and most importantly enjoy your day! 

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